Local Committees

Local Pride Committees

Below you will find the list we are compiling of Pride Committees in the IATSE.

If your local has a Pride Committee (or Diversity Committee that covers Pride), please have the chair email us at iatsepride@iatse.net and include the local number, contact email, and, if comfortable having it posted, their name and pronouns. 

Chair: Nate Richmond (he/him)
Email: iatsepride@iatse.net 

Chair: Brian Beliel (he/him/his)
Email: iatse28pride@gmail.com

Co-Chair: Jen Laws (she/her)
Co-Chair: Fazia Ali (rotating pronouns)
Email: pride@iatse58.org

Co-Chair: Cheyenne Cage (she/her)
Email: ccage@iatse.net 

Co-Chair: Erin Wile (she/her)
Email: erin@rockandrollcity.com

Co-Chair: Fenyxx Wright (they/them)
Email: wrightfenyxx@gmail.com

Co-Chair: Sophia Solomon (she/her)
Email: sophia.solomon.a@gmail.com

Chair: N/A (Revolving facilitators)
Email: pridecommittee@iatse118.com

Chair: Jessica Dean (she/her)
Email: pride122committee@gmail.com

Chair: Kendra Martin (she/her)
Email: kendralighting@gmail.com

Co-Chair: Nancy Yeboah (she/her)
Co-Chair: Lily Martyn

Email: pride@iatse411.ca

Co-Chair: Alma Izguierdo (she/her/hers)
Co-Chair: Eddie Jay (he/him)
Co-Chair: Ren Gingras (they/them)
Co-Chair: Tori Scott (he/him/his)
Email: 476pride@gmail.com

Co-Chair: Sebastian Rey (he/him)
Email: srey@iatse478.org

Co-Chair: Mickey Davis

Chair: Derek St. Pierre (he/they)
Email: DiversityCommittee@iatse489.org

C0-Chair: Joelle Kristy (she/her)
Co-Chair: Katie Rose Cornblath (she/her)
Email: diversity@editorsguild.com

Chair: Vangeli Kaseluris (he/him/his)
Email: vkaseluris@ia764.org

Chair: John “Jack” Curtin (he/him/his)
Email: SecretaryTreasurer@local798.net

NYC Chair: Michael Ferguson (he/him/his)

Atlanta Chair: Jared Bowen (he/him/his)
Email: makeup.jared@gmail.com

Co-Chair: Sherrie Majgani
Co-Chair: Dante Olivia Smith
Email: diversity@usa829.org

Co-Chair: Andy Garner-Flexner (he/they)
Co-Chair: Alex Quintas (she/her/hers)
Email: QueerTAG@tag839.org

Chair: Jenny Reeves (she/her)
Email: admin@iatse849.com

Chair: Vicky Low (she/her)
Vice-Chair: Saverio Racanelli (he/him)

Co-Chair: Kristina Alia Kearley (they/them) & (she/her)
Email: pride891@iatse.com

Chair: Heather Arm (she/her)
Email: pride@cag938.ca

ATPAM Vice President: David Gersten (he/him)
Email: dgersten@atpam.com

Pride Chair: Matthew Markoff (he/him)
Email: matthew.markoff@me.com