IATSE Pride Committee’s Statement on the Club Q Tragedy

By now you’ve heard of the mass shooting that occurred over the weekend at Club Q in Colorado Springs, CO.  The result was 5 deaths and 25 injuries, stopped only by some courageous patrons who managed to intervene.  Tragedies happen all too often, but when it’s specifically targeted at our community, in a space where we are meant to be safe, it makes the targeted attack that much more heinous. 

We are shocked.  We are sad.  We are angry. 

When these types of atrocities are committed, we often hear that it’s not the time to be political.  That is wrong.  This is exactly the time to be political.  Certain politicians have used their platforms to sow LGBTQ+ hate and division.  They use things like bathrooms, sports and drag queens to demonize us, and tell their supporters that we are groomers and pedophiles and then act shocked when things like this happen. 

Words matter.

A group of chosen family gathered on a Saturday night for dancing, in one of the few places our community can really feel safe in a conservative town.  A space reserved for us to be ourselves.  Five of our community did not return home that night.

The Colorado Healing Fund has set up an online donation portal where funds can be designated directly to the Club Q Tragedy.  The IATSE Pride Committee, with the approval of IATSE International President Loeb, have donated $500 to the Fund.  For those who also wish to donate, their page is located here: https://www.coloradogives.org/donate/COHealingFund

In love and solidarity,

The IATSE Pride Committee

PDF Version here